703 Southlake Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23236

Katie Morris

Katie began her career as a booking agent and touring consultant at the ECE Touring division of EastCoast Entertainment in 2006. Prior to starting at ECE, she worked at Road Rebel in San Diego where she managed logistics for touring Broadway productions and large dance companies. When Katie moved to Richmond, transitioning to the booking side of the performing arts industry seemed like a natural progression.

Here at ECE Touring, Katie is proud to represent an exceptional and diverse roster of artists. She enjoys working with such amazing groups as The Second City, The Water Coolers and the World-Famous Harlem Gospel Choir, and she is honored to serve as the Responsible Agent for The Hunts, the extremely talented folk rock band out of Chesapeake, Virginia. She manages a territory of 17 states, from Tennessee out to California and stretching through the middle of the country as far north as North Dakota and Minnesota. Katie works with universities, performing arts centers, festivals, concert series and arts councils throughout this vast territory. She loves the opportunity that this job affords her to build relationships with ECE's talented artists as well as the arts presenters whose mission it is to bring the arts and entertainment to their communities. As a supporter of the arts, Katie thrives off of being a part of that process. She says that building tours is like solving a puzzle, which is very gratifying when it all comes together!

In her time at ECE, Katie has also had the pleasure of booking bands for many weddings and other special occasions. She especially enjoys when she has the chance to attend these events and experience the entertainment right alongside the rest of the guests!

Hi! I look forward to working with you!

- Katie Morris