Whether determined by the pound or in the number of times he's tickled America's funny bone over the past few months when laughter was most needed, T. Bubba has proven to be worth his weight in gold.

This larger than life comedian has emerged at the ideal time with his personal credo that laughter brings healing. His good natured jabs on the bubbas of America leaves the finger he's pointing allowing for three more aimed back at himself. "I am the source of most of my material," T. Bubba recently told a reporter. "I'm a professional people-watcher, and a great observer of the world, and what makes it turn. My spin is usually to find the humor in the simple everyday things that most people take at only face value. There's usually a laugh right below the surface in any given thing that happens in life if you just have the insight to find it." And it's clean, not a foul word in the hour and a half one man show, unusual nowadays!

What the casual observer would never guess is that here indeed is a Bubba with a brain - a truth that ofstage becomes apparent on the first conversation. T. Bubba (real name James Terryl Bechtol) was raised in the tiny Mississippi fishing town of Fountainbleau in the heart of Cajun country. From humble beginnings, he proved his genius for business by retiring by his 40th birthday as a wealthy young Bubba.

An unashamed life-long patriot, Bubba turned his sights on the political arena, which led to a brief career in politics. In the '80s he moved to D.C. to join the Reagan White House as a fundraiser director. He worked for two years in the camp as a speechwriter, opting to become a candidate for Congress in Florida's Congressional District 1. Had he won, America might have lost out on a truly great comedic talent.