Mystic Vibrations, formed in 1993, is comprised of members from Jamaica and the USA. They are known for their uplifting stage performances and original music compositions which holds firm to the foundations of roots reggae. Their songs contain conscious lyrics relating to love, unity, life's daily struggles and the revelation of truth. Mystic Vibrations is a four-piece rhythm section of exceptionally talented musicians; Ric Williams (guitar and lead vocals), Coolie G (keyboards and backing vocals), Andrew Whittaker (drums) and Frank "Moses" Mitchell (bass guitar). Much of the band's success can be attributed to Williams' leadership stemming from many years of experience backing some of Jamaica's top international reggae artists such as, The Itals, JC Lodge, U-Roy, Culture, Delroy Wilson, Big Youth, Judy Mowatt, Mighty Diamonds, Charlie Chaplain and Yellowman. Their first recording, People Get Ready was released in 1993. Their second album, Busy Street (1999, remixed in 2003), contains hard-hitting tracks such as "Busy Street", "Babylon System" and "Tell Me", which aim to raise awareness about the inequalities created by capitalism while "Still On My Mind" is a ballad expressing true love that transcends time and space. In 2002, Mystic Vibrations Live At Finlay Park was released and featured songs from People Get Ready, Busy Street, and selected tracks from their upcoming album, Stop Dis War. In addition to these recordings, Mystic Vibrations has been featured on a number of collaborative projects including R.A.W. 2000: Reggae For The New Millennium (Ruff Stuff Records, NJ 1999), Roots of Dub Funk 4: Rise Of The Eclectic Dread (Tanty Records, England 2004) & The Peter Tosh Tribute Album (PTOSH Foundation 2004). Mystic Vibrations has toured the east coast from New Jersey to Florida. Besides their regularly scheduled performances, they have also backed a number of top international reggae acts such as Everton Blender, Ronnie Davis, Dobbie Dobson, Brigadier Jerry, Johnny Osbourne, Sister Nancy and Admiral Tibet. They have also received several awards and commendations from various civic groups such as the South Carolina Governor's Office, The Senate of the Commonwealth of Virginia, The Caribbean Alliance Group. In addition to radio and television appearances and interviews, Mystic Vibrations performs an average of 250 shows a year at a variety of venues including festivals, night clubs, weddings, colleges, numerous private parties. Due to their punctuality, courteousness, and ability to enliven their audiences, they play regularly at many of these venues. For over 15 years, the band's exceptional reputation, uplifting lyrics and high energy performances have allotted them a broad performance and internet fan base that includes people of all ages, races, classes and nationalities. Their music will continue to be a powerful force in spreading the message of roots reggae.







54-46 - G
96 Degrees - C
Angel Eyes - A
Answer - A
Burning and Lootin - Am
Concrete Jungle - Em
Exodus - Am
Forever Loving Jah - Eb
Get Up Stand Up - Am
Greetings/Entertainment - D
Hot Hot Hot - C
I Believe In Love - Em
I Shot The Sheriff - Fm
Johnny B. Goode - Em
Keep On Moving - G
Kinky Reggae - Am
Legalize It - G
Love & Hate - G
Love Overdue - D
Movie Star - Gm
Murder She Wrote - D
Natural Mystic - Am
Night Nurse - Am
No Woman No Cry - C
Number One - G
One Love - A
Pressure Drop - F
Punky Reggae Party - Am
Punoni - G
Red Wine - C
Roots Rock Reggae - Am
Shine Eye Gal - Gm
Silhouette - F
Simmer Down - G
Soul Rebel - Bb
Stand By Me - F
Stir It Up - G
Taxi - D
Tempted To Touch - A
Three Little Birds - G
Try Jah Love - Cm
Tune In - D
Turn Your Lights Down Low - G
Waiting In Vain - GM7
War & No More Trouble - Am
Weeping Willow - F
When They See Me With You - A
Wild World - Am
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner - Gm
I Don't Wanna Be Lonely Tonight - D
I'm Still In Love - Dm
Jammin' - Am
You've Got The Power - D

  • Originals
    Babylon System - D
    Back In Town - DM7
    Fire Flies - C
    Lick Down Babylon - G
    Number One - C
    Still On My Mind - C
    Stop Dis War - A
    Sweet Honeycomb
    The Wickedest Thing - G
    Baby Not In Sight - F
    Burning Flame - A
    Busy Street - Gm
    Irie Feelin' - C / F
    Now You've Grown - Am
    Rasta Nuh Play Games - G
    Tell Me - Cm