My music draws inspiration from my worldwide travels and the people I've connected with along the way. From swing to son to flamenco, my style is a blend of world rhythms.

Originally an Asheville native, I was born into a family of professional musicians. My parents met while working in a band together, and my mother kept performing until she was 8 months pregnant. So you could actually say I was on stage before I was born!

Maybe being conceived on the road was part of what gave me the travel bug. I left Asheville as soon as I could and spent years wandering the world - from Europe to Asia to Latin America, and every major city in the US. Along the way, I played and studied with master musicians from all corners of the globe. ;Some favorite performances include a wedding in the Caribbean, a tour through rural Mexico playing traditional Ranchera, a 3 am jazz show in the oldest tavern in Madrid, and an off-the-cuff scat performance to a group of monks in Cambodia. My groups have headlined music festivals and busked on street corners.

When I'm not on stage, you can catch me teaching at Francine Delany New School for Children, the Music Academy Asheville and Hanger Hall School for Girls. I also do TV and Radio voice overs for clients ranging from Barbie to Google.