The Galileo Players: Science, Comedy, World Domination

The Galileo Players are a professional sketch comedy and improv troupe that focuses on scientific themes. Deciding that sketch comedy in the world needed to be smarter and science in the world needed to be funnier, these veterans of the Chicago comedy scene have created a virtual (meaning not yet real) comedic empire - cornering the market on comedy inspired by science, logic and reason. The only limit to their ambition is time, space, and Newton's Third Law, which they have always found to be silly. Until they are able to conquer the known universe, they are content to perform for the civilized world, bringing their quirky sensibility to colleges, festivals, and corporate events. We hope history and Stephen Hawking approve.

The Galileo Players have been performing at conferences, colleges and corporate events across the US and Canada since 1998. Their shows go over great with scientists and researchers, energy, engineers and technology professional, pharma, biotech and the life sciences community, medical and healthcare professionals as well as the college and academic crowd. The Galileo Players core group consists of teachers, writers, and performers with the world famous Second City Comedy Theater who all have an interest in science and philosophy.