Theme Parties


Picture the perfect setting for your event. Is it a glitzy Hollywood awards dinner featuring red carpets, paparazzi, celebrity look-alikes and lavish table treatments? How about a County Fair complete with checkered tablecloths, carnival rides and the smell of apple pie? Maybe you have your heart set on recreating ancient Rome.

Only your imagination limits what kind of ambiance EastCoast Entertainment can create for you. Of course, we have a multitude of incredible suggestions!


Throw a party that would make even Gatsby jealous! Recreate a 1920's speakeasy that will transport your guests back to the "golden age". A big band with a brass section will have your guests shimmying all night long. You can go the extra mile with flapper dancers or cigar girls, but definitely don't forget the hooch!

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Hollywood has always had a glamorous connotation associated with it. From Humphrey Bogart to Tom Hanks, stars have been made in Hollywood. So why not re-create some of that glamour and host a Hollywood soiree? Whether it's for the Oscars or the SAG awards, a film release party or simply a glamorous dinner party, we will make your party shine!

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70s Disco

Whip out those bell-bottoms and platform shoes -- it's time to boogie! With acts such as Sleeping Booty and Right On Band, we have the funkiest entertainment around and can take your 70's party to the next level!

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Have your own idea for a theme party? Give us your idea and we will craft an event around it that will leave you and your guests in awe! Have no clue regarding a theme, but simply know you want your event to be a blowout bash? Call us! We have tons of ideas to make your event truly unique.

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Casino Night

Feelin' lucky but don't want to go all the way to Vegas or Atlantic City? Throw a casino themed party! With our many casino equipment providers, you can receive a totally customized casino experience. We can also supply support personnel to run the games and any other entertainment --- from Vegas-style showgirls to riverboat-style Cajun bands!

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