Touring & Routed Dates

ECE Touring Brings Audiences Back

ECE Touring, a Division of EastCoast Entertainment, has been working with performing arts venues and universities for over 30 years, providing them with excellent, reasonably priced artists. Because we know how important it is to provide quality acts- we only promote artists that we know will sell tickets, get rave reviews, and have your audience asking for more. We proudly represent artists in all categories, from comedy to dance, acrobatics to diversity, theater to nostalgia and a wide variety of music acts. 

No matter what your target audience is, ECE Touring is guaranteed to offer something that will keep audience members coming back time after time. ECE Touring takes pride in our exceptional service and understands that you need more than just a booking agency- you need a relationship.  While other agencies simply book artists, we provide a truly unforgettable experience!

Come visit us at Arts Midwest, the preeminent booking and educational conference for the Midwest performing arts industry from September 17th-20th!

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