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After graduating from UNC as a proud Tar Heel, Doug thought it sounded a lot more fun to keep playing drums and guitar than to interview on campus and go get a haircut. Luckily, Doug's parents are entrepreneurs and understood the pull to do the unconventional. Playing drums full time, getting paid in cash every week and sitting in a hot tub everyday seemed pretty fun.....until the being gone from home and living out of a suitcase for months part kicked in.

After long days in the retail, teaching, music licensing (ask him about ASCAP if you have 3-4 hrs free) and eight years as an agent at EastCoast, Doug finally got the crazy idea that it'd be better to not get a paycheck for a while, and start a business. He was not disappointed...Founding Daniel Entertainment Group in 2001 meant that paychecks were a distant memory. However, 2001 taught him how to "tighten the belt" and run a company on fumes. With some luck and no vacation time, Doug can say that the whole thing turned out ok.

So "ok" that in 2008, EastCoast Entertainment approached about merging with Daniel Entertainment. After many lunches, the idea became an exciting plan. It gave Doug a chance to return home to EastCoast as a Partner. "You never can tell how some things end up coming back around. Good thing I saved all my old business cards!" In 2011, Doug was voted into his current role as President/Executive Managing Director and is aggressively pushing growth for all EastCoast offices.

From years of traveling and playing drums, Doug picked up many bad habits....such as playing guitar and watching bad tv. It seemed to be cheaper and safer than many of the other vices around. Doug still tries to play guitar and drums whenever he can if he is not chasing his son and daughter around. He lives in Charlotte with his wife, Miranda, son, Little Doug (although not that "little" anymore), daughter, Quinn and two dogs, David Bowie and Ziggy Stardust.

Message from Doug

There has never been a better time to be at EastCoast Entertainment. I'm proud to be leading us into the future as our President and Executive Managing Director. It is my hope that your experience with EastCoast leaves no doubt as to our commitment to making your event the most memorable experience possible.

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