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You would think Zac Brown was born to play country music. Born and raised in Georgia, Brown learned to play the acoustic guitar at age 7. By the age of 18, he was touring the Southeast with his drummer and his dog, laying the groundwork for what would one day be the Zac Brown Band. The Zac Brown Band burst onto the national spotlight with the 2008 release of their single "Chicken Fried", which hit number one on the US country single chart. The album itself reached number 2 in the US country charts receiving a triple platinum rating. Not ones to disappoint, the band's following albums both hit number one in the US overall. Between these three albums, Zac Brown band boasts ten number one singles, with an additional three songs peaking at number two.

Zac Brown's fast rise to popularity speaks to his ability to entertain any audience. In Brown's words, "It's kind of crazy how we can go to a place where no one's heard of us before and by the time we leave people are singing the song." The band's sound takes influences everywhere from Johnny Cash and traditional country music to the sounds of Jimmy Buffett and Bob Marley. Zac Brown's sound is so widely liked, his third album went number one in the Canadian charts as a country album, and even the UK country charts.

Zac Brown's music is characterized by its baritone vocal harmonies and use of instruments like the fiddle, banjo, and acoustic guitar. However, perhaps the most charming aspect of the band is the hometown southern feel. Zac Browns guy-next-door personality shines through in his between-songs banter. If he wasn't standing on stage to thousands of voices yelling in applause you might even think he was your neighbor. 

Zac Brown