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When the Booty Band hits the stage, everybody dances! Bounce is the philosophy as this Boone, NC 7-piece unloads their slinky soul, reggae, rock, hip-hop, blues, ska and deep, deep funk. Formed in 2002, they mix triumphant horns and laid-back grooves with fat backbeats and a hilarious stage presence. The swarms of swaying bodies at their sold-out shows testify to their thick organic thump and boundless energy. They're quickly becoming the hottest new funk band on the Southeast/mid-Atlantic circuit, adding colorful costumes and a high-tech light show to take the experience over the top.

Featuring several multi-instrumentalists, the Booty Band keeps things fresh and constantly changing onstage. Greg Hollowell bends and twists the saxophone with smoldering grooves while John-Paul Miller switches from metal-rock lead guitar licks to funkified bass. Joshua Michael Phillips lays down percussion, guitar and bass alongside Grady Gilbert who holds down the too-funky rhythm guitar. Al Ingram plays the bass to move your waist with a soaring trombone to spice up the stew. Ric Bennet anchors the mighty vessel, pounding the pocket with his relentlessly rhythmic drumming, while Susannah Baum lends her sexy vocals to several sultry songs.

The Booty Band appeals to a wide range of music fans, as their style cuts across musical genres and borders. They focus on original material, but don't be surprised to hear a choice cover by Miles Davis, Beastie Boys, Galactic and others. They're influenced by all styles of music, absorbing and distilling it for purities before adding their own secret ingredients to the recipe. The Booty Band is refreshing in this age of oh-so-serious music because they cut to the core of what great live music is about: dancing and smiling. Their energy is contagious and instantly transforms the average night out into an evening to remember. With great songs, fanciful arrangements and massive instrumental chops, they create a rich and varied musical tapestry without ever seeming to run out of fresh ideas.

They've played with bands including Parliament-Funkadelic, Snake Oil Medicine Show, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The Hallelujah Singers and more, even joining some P-Funksters and Wailin' Wailers onstage at afterparties in 2003. They've opened for a wide range of acts including Mike Clark's Prescription Trio (featuring Robert Walters & Skerik), as well as appearing at festivals throughout the region including Smilefest, Bele Chere, and the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival.

Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band is perking eyebrows and ear-holes as they spread their festive and frantic stage show throughout the land. They can captivate any type of crowd they come across, as fans of all shapes, sizes and shades come together to feel the funk. Their silly banter and onstage antics keep the crowds laughing as the sounds send feet flying towards the dance floor. Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band adds the lava to the mudslide, the charge to the breaker, and the spice to your vice.

Yo Mamas Big Fat Booty Band