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Wrong Way was formed in February of 2005 by members of the local music scene in Athens, GA. While each of those members was already in one or more of their own original projects, it was their goal to create a Sublime tribute band solely as a side project; one that would enable them to perform in and around town a few times a month, have a good time, and hopefully get a few drinks out of the bargain. It soon became clear though that this music was far too popular to keep the band in only one town. Within 2 months of it's inception, Wrong Way began performing shows all over the Southeast and today the band is playing more shows than ever!

The music of Wrong Way IS the Music of Sublime; a unique blend of styles ranging from reggae and dance hall beats to punk and ska. It is the band's goal to successfully reproduce the sound of Sublime from their albums, while still keeping all the energy and drive of their live performances.

Wrong Way