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Tracy has been performing, touring, and recording with various bands since he was 15 years old, performing many different styles of music and playing many different instruments. He started on the drum kit and played with hard rock groups including" Soul Society" and the critically acclaimed "Toxic Popsickle" with former members of Ben Folds Five, toured all over the states with the nationally renowned hard core ska group "Otis Reem", performed with "Trinidad North", a reggae/calypso group, played djembe and djun djun in " Rhythms of Life" a West African Djembe drum core headed by World renowned drum master Khalid Saleem. He was the founder, leader, musical director, manager and lead tenor pannist of the critically acclaimed calypso/jazz group "Been Caught Steelin'". He was also the founder of the nation's most exciting steeldrum band "Sons of Steel" where he was the musical director, teacher, tenor pannist, percussionist, manager, mentor, bus driver etc...

Tracy is an exceptional musician, teacher and performer. He doesn't read music and teaches by ear and by rote. "Drill and Kill to skill" style of training. With his infectious and highly energetic personality and never ending enthusiasm towards music, he has built a strong name for himself in the world-wide steelpan community and seems to reach kids and people of all ages easily to teach them the magical world of music.

Tracy Thornton - Steel Drum