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Most people tap their feet when they hear music, but some people make music by tapping their feet. TAP - The Show is a powerhouse production, celebrating the artistry of tap dance from around the globe.

TAP - The Show is fueled by a non-stop explosion of rhythmic energy. Wrapped in dazzling costumes and backed by a soaring orchestral score, this cast of award-winning dancers and singers travels seamlessly over decades of styles from Broadway and big band to world music and pop/rock.

Each section brings to life iconic tap moments of the past and creates brand new moments that amaze audiences. Included in this extravaganza are recreations of some of your favorite Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly numbers, Broadway showstoppers, smooth and sultry soft shoe, flamenco, tribal, Irish step and more.

Sing along and tap into the beat as you tap your feet with TAP - The Show!

TAP the Show