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Sugar Ray formed in 1980's as a funk metal band under the name The Tories. After several quick changes in personnel, musical direction, and the band's name, Sugar Ray was ready to take its place on the mantle of musical greatness. Throughout the '90s and early 2000's, Sugar Ray produced hit after hit with their signature sound; an expertly blended mix of punk, funk, and California beach music. These hits included such incredibly popular tunes as "Every Morning", "Sometimes", "When It's Over", and "Fly".

Sugar Ray have become the Beach Boys of the new generation, instantly recognizable to anyone listened to the radio at any time between 1995 and the mid-2000s. Sugar Ray's musical record includes three platinum records; one of them double platinum, another triple platinum.

People aren't always proud of the music they listened to in the '90s (looking at you, boy bands), but Sugar Ray stands the test of time, providing good vibes and funky tunes after two decades. Sugar Ray's musical relevance has achieved immortality through its ability to evoke pleasure and relaxation in the listener, regardless of their surroundings.

Sugar Ray