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Pioneering a brand new style, 23 Skidoo introduces KID HOP that's a breath of fresh air for the half-pints, and a sound for the sore ears of parents with taste.

After 10 years as a nationally touring vocalist in a positive hip hop group and 5 years as a Dad, 23 Skidoo realized a serious gap in the spectrum of kids music and set his sights on filling it; namely, positive hip hop that spoke in a kid's language without dumbing down the complex and sophisticated nature of the music classic hip hop fans love.

The result, his debut album, "Easy", was hailed as “a revelation" that "set the bar for the genre" by Cookie Magazine. Zooglobble said, “On the short list of kids hip hop, this album goes right to the top". XMKids said, "This is one of the most refreshing and sophisticated kids albums I've heard in a long while", and the single "Luck" rocketed to #1 on their Top 13 and stayed on the list for more than 30 weeks.

23 Skidoo has been throwing bass thumping shows to shake Underoos up the East Coast in schools, libraries, festivals and venues, and has already played or been booked for Southpaw, Jammin Java, Peanut Butter and Jams, Kidzapalooza and the XMKids Rumpus Room...Not bad, considering the album hasn't even been out for a year!

By mixing inventive storytelling with quick witted delivery over self produced beats that combine classic drum sounds with funk, reggae, and even bluegrass, 23 Skidoo has pushed the envelope into a whole new shape, and kids dig it like a full bucket of Halloween candy. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo has made long car trips safe again for parents, even if it's that one song over and over and over and........

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo