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Traditionally Untraditional...or maybe it's untraditionally traditional. Bluegrass bands struggle daily with this handle that has been used to describe their music and their style - especially bands claiming Asheville, North Carolina as home base. Sanctum Sully thankfully deviates mightily from said agenda. While fully capable of wrangling a helluva version of "John Hardy" they'd much prefer to punch you in the gut with potent and powerfully written original songs.

3 part harmonies, blues based guitar riffs, ringer of a mandolin, and one helluva beer drinkin crowd, and you've got yourself a 'Sully' show. Foot stompin good times and grassed up versions of blues, rock, and jamband tunes could sneak their way between a unique array of originals in their somewhat unpredictable sets.

Sanctum Sully's strengths are many and their vices just as plentiful, however, your ears will delight in NOT hearing just another Asheville bluegrass band. You'll actually EXPERIENCE the music, and are bound to get yourself at least a buzz by osmosis from their devoted - if somewhat rowdy - foot stompin followin'.

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Traditionals / Bluegrass

Old Home Place
Salt Creek
Blackberry Blossom
John Hardy
Nine Pound Hammer
Nellie Kane (Hot Rize)
Salty Dog
Midnight Moonlight (Old & In The Way)
Foggy Mountain Breakdown (E. Scruggs)
Little Maggie
I Know You Rider
Pig In A Pen
Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms
How Mountain Girls Can Love
Steam Powered Aereo-Plane (John Hartford)
Hit Parade of Love
Love Please Come Home
Wait A Minute (Seldom Scene)
Sittin' On Top Of The World
On My Way Back To The Old Home
High On The Mountain
Big Spike Hammer
Big Sciota
Freeborn Man
Big Mon
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Little Cabin Home In The Hills

Other Covers

Minor Swing (Django Reinhardt)
EMD (David Grisman)
The Waker (Widespread Panic)
You Ain't Goin Nowhere (Bob Dylan)
Maggie's Farm (Bob Dylan)
They Love Each Other (Grateful Dead)
Used To Live By The River (Runaway Planet)
Are You Ready For The Country? (Neil Young)
The Letter (The Box Tops)
Outlaw Bit (Waylon Jennings)
Sunglasses At Night (Cory Hart)
Chocolate Town (Ween)
Get Up Jake (The Band)
Sweet Virginia (The Rolling Stones)


Stable Ground
Through The Trees
Lookout Mountain
Ghost Outlaw
I Ain't That Good
Trade Winds
All Is One
Moonshiner's Daughter
Don't Know When
Back To Knoxville
Custom Deluxe
On The Range
City Girl
Sleepin' In The Saddle
Won't Be Fooled
On My Own

Sanctum Sully