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The opportunity for a Led Zeppelin project became clear upon hooking up with vocalist Ryan Langseth and his large Red afro. His one-in-a-million vocal range and style is a crucial component, and without it we would not attempt such an ominous task. The timbre of his voice and personality is similar to a blend of Chris Cornell and Chris Robinson paying incredible homage to Robert Plant.

In order to incorporate the guitar layering techniques that Jimmy Page used in the studio, guitarists Paul Sorah and Adam Carder collaborate to add that depth to the live performance. The final product captures Zeppelin's rowdy show dynamics and blends it with the familiarity of the studio albums.

The backbone of Led Zeppelin, Jones and Bonham, provided the foundation for the group's signature sound. This was a welcome challenge for Adam Shay and Dave Ragsdale, respectively. They have been working together for years, and their chemistry adds an irreplaceable energy to the live show. Developed though their work with Atlanta rock band Blue Horizon, (which includes Red Zeppelin guitarist Paul Sorah on guitar and vocals) the final product is a very rare collection of talent and personalities necessary to pull off a 3 hour set of nothing songs from the Led Zeppelin catalogue. Set breaks are rarely taken, and nobody leaves disappointed

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Immigrant Song
Lemon Song
Song Remains the Same
Achilles Last Stand
When the Levee Breaks
Whole Lotta Love
Dancing Days
Moby Dick
No Quarter
Misty Mountain Hop
Living Loving Maid
Out on the Tiles
Good Times Bad Times
Communication Breakdown
Houses of the Holy
Stairway to Heaven
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
I Can't Quit You Babe
The Wanton Song, For Your Life
Over the Hills and Far Away
How Many More Times
Custard Pie
Trampled Underfoot
Since I've Been Loving You
Ramble On
Hey Hey What Can I Do?
What is and What Should Never Be
In My Time of Dying
Bring it on Home
The Ocean
Communication Breakdown
Rock and Roll
Black Dog
Red Zeppelin