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From President Obama's Inaugural Ball in DC to Eli Manning's wedding in Cabo, Party On the Moon is fast becoming the # 1 Private and Corporate National Act caliber band in America. Performing their first single, "Yes We Can," for the President, producer Dennis Smith stated,

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Event Planner

Oh my word, are you kidding? They are the BEST ever!!! No one ever starts dancing right at the beginning of a party,, but this time... POW. Everyone hit the floor right at 9pm. The songs took off immediately, girls dancing in the audience really got us moving, right up until the very last song.

The DJ was great, and kept things moving until the very end. The dance floor, and Jerry were wonderful beyond out wildest expectations... I have never seen a floor so fabulous!

I felt confident that everything was attended to because of her communication skills.

My favorite of the girls is Nisha Hilliard. She is a charming person, easy to talk to, and even though she did not feel her best that evening, she performed her heart out, like a true artist!

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Constant, and the honoree Audrey Constant, had a wonderful time, Audrey was on the dance floor the whole night.

Here is a story of just how wonderful the music of the band is:
Madlyn Constant had a severe aneurism 3 years ago, and is still impaired. She loved the music so much, that she got on to the dance floor, for the first time in 3 years, inspired to forget her disabilities, and just get up and move.
Anthony Constant was moved to tears at this brave revival of her life force, so happy that she wanted to be not just AT the party but IN the party! Please share with the band how much this evening really meant to this family.

It was as if she was reborn last night, to the beat of Party on the Moon! Wow!
Thank you again, 

Martha K.
Event Planner

Corporate Event

They were great - as always!

Angela P.
Deloitte Consulting

Corporate Event

Party on the Moon was amazing. We've done a lot of big time events over the past twenty years and this one will go down either at the top or very close to it.

Keith even mentioned doing a repeat of it when we come back to ATL. That would be a first for us.

The only problem is we'd probably blow our budget because everyone would bring their spouses and friends.

We are definitely all going to be leaving ATL on a high.

Take care,

Kelly K.

Corporate Event

They were awesome and we had an even better show than last year. I can't tell you how nuts our crowd went for them! They were yelling for encores at the end!

Jennifer S. L.
American Seed Trade Association

Holiday Party

I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed having your band for our Christmas party this year. We have had nothing but raves from everyone who attended the party. We will be booking your band again. Have a happy new year!

Jan M.
Holiday Party

Atlanta Athletic Club Event

I am so sorry I didn't have the opportunity to thank you Friday night in person for the once-again show stopping performance. The concert was the best ever, and you are so great to work with! Thanks for making me look good and allowing the members to enjoy what has now become "the event of the year!"

L. Pitt
Atlanta Athletic Club

Wedding/Event Planner

One of my top planners put together a "dream" wedding for her client - a year in the making, it was a fantastic event. Friday night, at the pre-wedding dinner/dance, Party On The Moon provided island music for a luau-themed party. When the steel drum was added to the 9 piece group - they provided just the right ambiance to the beautifully decorated Country Club of Virginia. Saturday night's ceremony and reception was held at the parent's home in their back yard. The real challenge here was their sloping back yard which was made completely level using well-jack staging. After the ceremony, Party On The Moon started with a trio during cocktails and sounded great. Papa, the keyboard player, is a real talent. I'm told that he's never been asked to play a song he doesn't know - must have quite a repertoire. When the entire 13 piece group began to play their 3 hour dance set, people flocked to the dance floor. It didn't take long for the female singers to get out in the crowd and they were quite a hit! All the vocalists are superb - great harmonies, great lead singers, and personable as well. One male vocalist did a superb Barry White tune, and another male vocalist played congas as well. He's a real natural on stage and knows how to get the crowd going. This was the first time I had seen the band live and they were very impressive. Dennis Smith, producer and guitarist, spent more than two hours in advance of the date and the FOB is now his biggest fan. The sound was perfect - The Bose system was very clean and not overly loud even 10' in front of the stage. POTM is a polished, professional band that can handle the most sophisticated clientele. I wouldn't hesitate to book them for any type of event.

Event Planner

Wedding Client

Wanted to thank you for everything! POTM was awesome and everyone is still raving about them. We wish we could relive the went by too quickly. The setup was perfect and everyone had a blast. They really are the best!!! And my mom said her life is complete now that she was a backup dancer with the ladies :) It was great working with you and getting to know you. Austin and I thank you for all your help!

Dorsey B.

Wedding Planner

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that Party On The Moon exceeded everyone's expectations and the bride is elated. Not only was the band great- but the vocal harmonies were spot on! The stage energy went nonstop for four hours! And the crowd interaction was perfect. Even after the band stopped the girls were out on the dance floor with the bride dancing to the DJ. Dennis went above and beyond to work with the bride and myself for requests and last minute changes. You can be proud of this top shelf act!

Jeff K.

Corporate Event

I thought you and your folks were responsive, great to work with and of course you steered us in the right direction with Party on The Moon..which everyone loved. We'll look forward to working with you again when we can.

Pamela H.
Georgian Bank

Special Event

I can't tell you how happy I was with Party On the Moon. The night was wonderful, and I always believed that the band makes the party which you all did! All of you are so nice and great to work with without the big egos. The girls are beautiful, classy and full of energy. Everybody had as much energy during the last song just as much as the first song. Whatever you are doing, keep on doing it because I would not change a thing. You blow away all the other bands. I can't thank you enough for this special night. I know you will be back in Columbus in the near future since everybody is talking about how much fun they had.

Rhonda S.

Rhonda S.

New Year

We were at the Pearl River Resort this past New Year's Eve and heard your band for the first time. An unbelievable show it was! Ya'll were GREAT! Every area of the group was AAA. It was like going back in time and reliving my younger days! Please know that ya'll have out-shown previous New Year's entertainment at the Pearl River by a loooong shot! (This was our 5th year to be there) Please know that I will pass ya'lls name along. Thanks for the wonderful music and performance! Have a wonderful year!

Katherine G.

Fundraiser Gala

The Winter Haven Hospital Foundation Gala is now in its 23rd year.
Prior to 2005 the entertainment was a nationally recognized speaker. In 2005 Foundation Trustee/Gala Chairperson Lynn Oakley and I made the decision to focus the Gala on concert performances featuring nationally recognized musical acts.

This move allowed us to triple the Gala gross/net in the 1st year and consistently break new records in fundraising and attendance in each year since.

While these acts were all successful in their own respect we (and I want to give full credit to Lynn on this) felt we needed to again re-engineer the Gala to protect it's brand status as this area's signature black tie event.
Lynn had recently used one of your firm's acts for her daughters wedding and was very impressed with their energy /audience engagement and asked me to check into them. I must admit (as you know) I was more than a little anxious about going away from major acts.

As Lynn and I discussed this more it became clear to me she was intuitively recognizing that our Gala brand like any good brand is more about the customer and their experience than the product itself. The conclusion we came to was we need to begin to convert the gala into a total sensory experience for our guests with of course the entertainment being the key element.

This as you know led to my call to you.
I remember our first conversation when you said, "I have the perfect act for you".
The rest in short is history... Party on the Moon... was by far the best act we have ever had at the Gala .
Dennis and the whole POTM group are some of the finest vocal and instrumental talent I have ever seen perform (at the Gala or any where else).

I kid you not , when the band hit the stage I knew we had hit a homerun... stunning, exciting... game over.
Our gross this year was over $620k for the patients we serve .

I would recommend Party On The Moon to Everyone!


In a nutshell....Party on The Moon was off the charts!!! I have never ever been to a wedding where the band was so spectacular and the dance floor was exploding non stop for 3 hours. Our phone has been ringing off the hook and my emails are multiplying each second from our wedding guests who claim this was the most fantastic wedding they have ever been to. Robert and I had a great time and Hadley & Ryan, most importantly, had the wedding of their dreams. Thank you! Thank you!! Pleasure working with you,

Susan C.
Party on the Moon