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MOMENT'S NOTICE is a diverse group of musicians dedicated to writing and performing great music for all to hear. Founded in 1991 by Bobby Moody, the group has continued to evolve and grow musically, performing primarily jazz. However, Moment's Notice is a versatile group, performing various styles of jazz, as well as r&b, rock and reggae.

The group performs for all types of functions, and in several different formats. Concerts, weddings and wedding receptions, business socials and more.Should your event call for a solo musician, duo, trio, quartet or more, Moment's Notice is more that capable of giving you what you want. When you come to a gig, be ready to have a great time and hear great music. 

Moment's Notice is also the St. Ambrose Jazz Mass Quartet, a Spiritual Jazz Group. The St. Ambrose Jazz Mass Quartet (JMQ) was founded by the Rev. Michael Battle, then Rector of St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, in 2001. The musicians were intrigued by the offer to perform the Jazz Mass at St. Ambrose and were eager to see how their sound would translate to Christian music. Archbishop Desmond Tutu delivered the sermon at the first Jazz Mass at St. Ambrose. The Jazz Mass Quartet’s continuous movement of traditional and contemporary jazz and jazz versions of classic hymns throughout Episcopal churches and events keeps growing as we represent St.Ambrose across various cities and states with much vitality, love and enthusiasm.

Moments Notice