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Born in St. Louis in 1952, Michael McDonald started his music career as the teenage keyboard player, guitarist and singer in local bands. It was during this time that McDonald forged his signature baritone vocal style. "Working in clubs, I had to develop a style of singing that would allow me to sing all night long without being hoarse the next day," McDonald said. "My style came as much from that as anything."

In 1972, McDonald struck his first record deal with RCA, after which he began a long arrangement with Steely Dan, adding his distinguishable timber to career songs for the band like "Peg" and "Time Out of Mind." Then, by 1976, it was into the lion's den of the Doobie Brothers, whose future he transformed with a series of superb compositions.

After the Doobie Brothers' farewell tour, McDonald began what would become a long and successful career as a solo artist, spanning more than 25 years and eight albums.

McDonald has received five Grammy awards, and has been nominated for seven others. In his solo career, McDonald has released to albums that became gold records, as well as one that went platinum. McDonald has continued to record and perform music for his massive fan base.

Michael McDonald