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The undisputed capitol of Lil' Brian's world, is the hamlet of Barrett Station, Texas-B.S.T. to those in the know. This unprepossessing, well kept, Texas crossroads, just outside Baytown and not far from H-Town (Houston), is smack dab in the middle of East Texas Zydeco country. The Creole people of this part of the country, most with strong Louisiana roots, are at least as ardent about Zydeco as their neighbors across the border in Louisiana. The clubs, festivals and radio pulse with Zydeco rhythms both traditional and new, enjoyed by young and old.

Lil' Brian is a virtuoso of both the large piano note accordion and the old-style diatonic accordion and is serious about showing how this instrument can be as hip as any in contemporary music. "There are no limits to this music," says Lil' Brian. "I love the roots of Zydeco. My greatest joy is to take these roots and combine them with today's beat to make it my music." His new release, Worldwide, continues to push the envelope in the world of the accordion and Zydeco.

Lil' Brian Terry & The Zydeco Travelers