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LeAnn Rimes burst onto the country music scene in 1996 with her album "Blue". At the age of only 13, "Blue" brought Rimes all the way to the top, reaching the number one spot on the country charts, and the single for which the album was named breaking the top ten. Rimes';s first album also brought her two Grammy awards, and bringing along with it, great expectations of this young prodigy. In the nearly two decades of recording and performing music since her first album, Rimes hasn't disappointed, selling over 37 million records world-wide.

Rimes is the queen of the power ballad. Her soulful and powerful musical style reflects the melancholy and the beauty of life. Rimes's discography is eclectic, including country, blues, and a bit of pop, but through all her music, her dynamic voice shines brilliantly.

Since her debut album, LeAnn Rimes has been nominated for an additional six Grammy awards. In 1997, Rimes broke the Billboard Hot 100 record for longest running single with "How Do I Live", which stayed on the charts for a total of 69 weeks. Of her 11 total solo albums, nine of them reached the top ten on the US country charts, with seven of them in the top three.

LeAnn Rimes