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If you don't know Jim Gaffigan, you don't know stand-up comedy. Gaffigan's comedy career began in 1991 when he took to an open mic night on a bet from a friend. Little did he know he would soon skyrocket to comedic fame.

In 2000, Gaffigan was featured on Comedy Central Presents, giving the comedian a national stage on which to perform. Two years later, fans recognized Gaffigan as a confused automotive-using citizen in the movie Super Troopers. He also made several cameo appearances on "That '70s Show" as restaurant owner Roy Keene. Gaffigan had been busy in the comedy circuits, honing his craft and waiting for the right opportunity to share it.

That opportunity came in 2006 with the release of his Comedy Central special "Beyond The Pale," which ended up being the catalyst for his meteoric rise to the national spotlight. The special reflected one large change in Gaffigan's life; his size. His 2000 Comedy Central Presents had shown a much slimmer Jim Gaffigan who looked like he might have just walked to the theater from his corn field in Indiana (the state where he was raised). This change in appearance was not lost on Gaffigan. Many of the bits in "Beyond The Pale" poked fun at this change, with subject matters like cake, fast food, Cinnibons, and Hot Pockets. His skills as a stand-up comedian had never been sharper, from his expert delivery and his witty observation to his penchant for imitating his comedic version of an off-put audience member.

The success of "Beyond The Pale" was just the first in a string of highly successful comedic pursuits, including stand-up comedy, acting, and even writing. In 2014, Comedy Central premiered Gaffigan's latest comedic endeavor, "Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed" which quickly became the network's most viewed stand-up special of the year and rose to number one on the Billboard Comedy Album chart.

Gaffigan stands out in the world of stand-up as a master of deadpan delivery, sarcasm, and silly voices. Named the "King of Clean" by the Wall Street Journal, Gaffigan is renowned for his ability to make members of all ages and backgrounds laugh uproariously without crudeness or vulgarity. Gaffigan has brought himself to the precipice of comedic greatness, joining legends like Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Cosby as one of the funniest people alive.

Jim Gaffigan