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Actor, Comedian and . . .

If you've come to the site you probably know me as either an actor or a stand-up comedian. Sure I'm an actor. Sure I'm a stand-up. But there is more to me. I'm an actor, a comedian and a ballerina. You don't know me as a ballerina cause frankly there aren't many opportunities to ballet on television. (That's how we describe what we do in the ballet biz.) Don't get me started on the absence of ballerinas in films.

I'm a damn good ballerina, too, buddy. Let me tell you, it ain't easy to make a living doing ballet, particularly if you've never been paid to do it. But soon, someday soon, people will say "That Gaffigan is so great at ballet, did you know he does stand-up and acts? Wow, I'd really like to be his friend." It'll happen, buddy.

Well, I wanted to bring all of you together. So that those who know me as an actor can see my stand-up, so those who know me as a stand-up can see my acting and so all of you can buy my two CDs.

Jim Gaffigan