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The FIXX is one of the most innovative and unique bands in the musical arena. Their lyrics and melodies are anything but ordinary. Their themes are complex and thought provoking and yet their musical past has appealed to the masses with three #1, Five Top 5, a dozen Top 10 hits, and millions of albums sold worldwide.

The FIXX is not your average band -- astoundingly evident in their new recording, Elemental, an album that marks a new contemporary evolution in the history of the group, blending its familiar FIXX sound with an extremely fresh, modern feel. In fact, this album contains music that cannot be categorized into any particular genre or format.

The band's first new material since 1991 has been worth the wait. Over the course of the last several years, The FIXX, with its original lineup of Cy Curnin on vocals, Jamie West-Oram on lead guitar, Rupert Greenall on keyboards, and Adam Woods on drums, has been writing and recording songs for the new album to present a collection that both young and mature audiences can identify with; a collection of intense beats combined with spirituality and intricate content.

Being the first true "FIXX album" in which the band has had a complete control over its direction, composition, and production, Elemental is the product of four minds coming together to produce an unbelievable lineup of songs.

The album begins its musical journey with "Two Different Views," an acoustic guitar-driven ballad, followed by "Going Without" and "Is That It?," two upbeat blood-pumping songs. The album then leads the listener down an intense musical path as each composition becomes more intricate and intriguing.

"Happy Landings" follows, a song that has beauty and strength, giving the listener a sense of tranquillity and mystique. The sounds on "Silent House," "Fatal Shore," and "Ocean Blue" are brilliant and complex, leading the mind in a million different directions. With each instrumentation, these songs seem to have a theme that ties them together, being one song, with separate parts. Just when the album seems to be going into the stratosphere, the next composition, "You Know Me," brings the listener back to earth with an infectious driving beat that breaks up the heavy messages of the preceding material.

With the next cut, "We Once Held Hands," the album reaches an ultimate high. A mixture of Middle Eastern sounds with hard rock, the song is a masterpiece. While a mesmerizing tune that hits the core of imagination, the messages portrayed through the lyrics are a statement about today's social well being between people of all nationalities, creeds and religion. The closing tune, "Life is Killing Me," is a light-hearted musical expression -- the perfect endings to an album that has taken the listener full circle. It leaves you wanting more.

Assembling their musical talents, the British rock band of Curnin, West-Oram, Greenall and Woods first signed with MCA in 1981 and recorded their first album Shuttered Room, in 1982, releasing the first of five albums containing some of rock's most original and defining music of the decade. The album earned two huge hits, "Red Skies" and "Stand or Fall," eventually going Gold.

In 1983, the band released Reach the Beach, which went Double Platinum on the strength of two major radio hits, "One Thing Leads to Another" and "Saved by Zero," in addition to their extensive North American touring with The Police.

During the success of Reach the Beach, the band was enlisted to write the song "Deeper and Deeper" for legendary producer Jimmy Lovine for the soundtrack to the film Streets of Fire(recently re-released), which only appears on the film's soundtrack album. The song became the #1 Rock Track and remained so for 12 weeks.

Phantoms was released in 1985, a moody departure from the first two albums, which went Gold on the strength of the hit song, "Are We Ourselves." Simultaneously, guitarist Jamie West-Oram was asked to co-write songs with FIXX producer Rupert Hine for Tina Turner's legendary comeback LP, Private Dancer, which has sold 20 million albums worldwide. Vocalist Cy Curnin also appeared in the video with Turner on the hit song "Better Be Good to Me."

The album Walkabout was released in 1986 and yielded another hit single, "Secret Separation," propelling the album to sell well beyond Gold. In 1987, the band released their first live album, React, the final LP for MCA, and sales reached Gold as the band departed MCA for RCA Records.

RCA's debut FIXX album, Calm Animals, was subsequently released and the band's second #1 Rock Track, "Driven Out," became Billboard Magazine's #4 "Most Played Rock Track of the Year."

In 1989, MCA released a "greatest hits" package entitled One Thing Leads to Another, which has sold more than 2 million copies since its release. The band's last original album in 1991 entitled Ink, after moving back to MCA via Impact Records, produced the Top 20 hit, "How Much Is Enough?" The album went on to sell more than 300,000 copies.

Now, with three years of writing and preparation, the band presents their new self-produced progressive recording, Elemental, completed at Woodland Studios in Nashville and mixed by Steve Churchyard - the band's first studio recording in seven years.

Although the signature sound of the FIXX is instantly recognizable, it is their ability to be singularly unique and unmistakable that sets this band apart from the others. Their past has proven that they are a band to be reckoned with, and their present material only shows that this group continually forges into new musical horizons.

Their music speaks for itself, and it speaks volumes. Only by listening, can one understand.

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