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Before you book your DJ/KJ, ask yourself these questions.

1. Does your DJ have the music you want? - My song lists are extensive, covering everything from Big Band to the latest releases in every genre. Too large to even put up as a download, they are updated weekly.

2. Is karaoke available if I want it? - Yes it is and not just a few token songs but the largest library available anywhere, and updated monthly.

3. What about the equipment you use? - The latest cutting edge computer software is used and run from laptop. No lost, damaged, or skipping discs. A spare laptop and hard drive are carried on each event, virtually eliminating any down time should a problem arise. Sound and lighting systems appropriate for the size and type of your event are available be it large or small. A lar cutting edge computer controlled light show including lasers, all low wattage LED lighting, and the ability to uplight your entire room, is transformative and adds tremendous elegance and beauty. I also offer video dj service.

4. What about experience? - I have been a DJ for 25 + years and have been a singer and entertainer longer than that, performing my first paying job in the sixties with my mother's band as a small child. Having toured extensively with old school soul bands, rock bands, Top 40 dance bands and working as a single act, I not only have the music, I KNOW the music and bring a wealth of experience as an entertainer to any event, interacting with children, parents and grandparents with equal ease. I can play a get together for a 65th birthday or retirement party on Friday, DJ a family day picnic or wedding reception on Saturday afternoon, and play a middle or high school dance Saturday night and supply the perfect and appropriate mix of music for each event.

5. Do you give back to the community you serve? - I have coordinated and supplied the games, rides, DJ's and karaoke for both Wake County and Durham county Project Graduations at a vastly reduced and affordable price for 15+ years, being a key element in the success of these two major events for graduating seniors, as well as lending my time and talents to several worthy causes and charity events.

6. What if Steve is already booked? - I will NOT farm your event out to the least expensive sub DJ I can find just to make a quick buck. The two most important things in my business plan are THE SUCCESS OF YOUR EVENT AND MY GOOD REPUTATION. I have a handful of excellent djs to go to in case of multiple bookings, but if I cannot do your event or one of my hand picked associates are not available I will tell you so right up front and make a recommendation.

7. Will you meet with me prior to my reception or event to discuss and plan face to face? - Absolutely.

So the main question to ask yourself is...Why would I look anywhere else?


We hired Steve for our wedding (May, 2012) and could not have been more happy with his performance. We gave him a few songs (some hard to find) that we wanted to play for our ceremony as well as our reception. He came through with everything that we wanted. For the rest of the reception, we told him that he had the reigns and to just keep people on the dance floor. That is EXACTLY what he did!

Steve is very up to date on current as well as older varieties of fun music for a reception. You want to get your money out of your reception by keeping people there until the end! We didn't have to sit down and pick 5 hours of music like some other couples we've talked to, to give to their DJ. Steve handled it all from the moment the reception started until even after the reception ended. Another thing he brings to the table is lighting (which is one thing that we didn't even think of). Steve made our wedding more beautiful than we thought it could have been with all the up lighting he had. Having an extra color shoot up the walls of your ballroom made the whole place look amazing! Once your one the dance floor, it feels like you are almost in a club. We never expected him to have all of the equipment that he had but were VERY grateful that he did!

All in all, there is NOTHING more of Steve that we could have asked for. He was perfect in every way and made our wedding even that much more perfect! Steve will be the only DJ I would EVER hire for ANY event I have in the future. Thank you, Steve for such a great job. We are very grateful for all the hard work and planning that you did to make our day just that much more special. We had&

Mother of the Bride

When I booked vendors for my daughter's wedding the most important vendor that absolutely had to be perfect was our DJ. You were the only DJ I even considered because if you want the best you have to hire the best! Steve you were awesome. You had everything so organized and played the perfect mix of music. Everyone was dancing from young to old and that's what makes a party. The lighting that you did turned my daughter's wedding into the pink paradise she wanted. I can't thank you enough. Would book you again in a heartbeat, thanks again.

Deborah H.
August 4th 2012


Steve Quinney was absolutely FANTASTIC to work with. Steve was timely, fun and energetic, a wonderful listener and incredibly professional.

We met back in March of 2012 to discuss what we were looking for with regards to a DJ and the music that came along with him. Steve was the only DJ we met with - we knew immediately he was right for the job! Steve took impeccable notes, listened to our likes and dislikes, and made some excellent suggestions.

In between then and October 13th (our wedding date) Steve was always available via phone or e-mail. He was so easy to talk to!

We were slightly (VERY slightly) concerned about our music choices as we are very into alternative/underground music, which not everyone understands. We had absolutely nothing to worry about. Before the wedding, Steve did intense research on the bands we love and the music we adore. Once the music began to play, we realized just how spot-on he was! Some songs that we love and forgot to suggest were played! Our friends LOVED the music choices and our families loved the excitement he brought to the wedding.

We would work with Steve again in a heart beat. The staff at our wedding venue even said that our wedding was the most fun they'd ever hosted - with the best music to boot! We'll be referring Steve to EVERYONE!

Alyssa L. (October 13th, 2012)

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