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Award-winning Socio-Comedian Daniel Packard hits the stage with fun topics and lots to say; but then joyfully ignites the audience to join in and invigorate the show with passion, honesty, and the spontaneous hilarity only live interaction can create.

Play (or just watch) in what is not a comedy show, but a fascinating, dynamic, unique, and never-to-be-seen again, comedy experience.

Daniel Packard has hours of material and customizes each show specifically to the age and tone of your audience.

Also, since much of Daniel's show is based on what the crowd says and does, the show automatically adjusts to the perfect comfort level of the audience in the room.

Daniel has played from high schools to rotary clubs and presenters are always thrilled with how he makes everybody feel special and safe and entertained.

As long as you have an audience that is up for laughing and thinking, Daniel will always make that brilliantly happen.

Daniel Packard