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Brian Olsen is an illuminating and inspiring performer. His events are a driving force that create excitement and motive audiences. As an event planner or coordinator, you have been though a host of jugglers, comedians and motivational speakers. Perhaps now is the time for you and your attendees to experience the excitement of a truly unique event.

Powerful music, audience interaction and gregarious movement, add to the kinetic experience of Brian Olsen's sensational and inspiring performance. Brian's masterful art takes place on a huge 4ft by 6ft canvas, brightly illuminated by stage lights, and brilliantly completed in an amazing ten minutes from start to finish.

Brian began his performance art career as the one and only protege of renowned performance artist, Denny Dent. Brian explains, "I have always been passionate about art and the energy it can release. My passion for painting, especially the challenge of portraits, grew from various roots - from photography in Hawaii, to landscape design in college. But it was Denny who put it all together for me. He taught me to use the SHOW part of the performance to drive home the real message of personal creativity. And, almost magically, letting the music and the audience drive the process to its dramatic conclusion."

Brian Olsen - Art In Action