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Blue Man Group is potentially the world most unique entertainment. Utilizing comedy, music, and multimedia theatrics, the Blue Man Group has been winning the hearts of audiences around the world since 1991. The group specializes in a brand of music characterized by unique and experimental instruments, usually of the percussive variety. True entertainers through and through, the Blue Man Group perform their music, comedy, and multimedia simultaneously, enticing the eyes and ears. It's difficult to decipher whether the laughter or the applause is louder, as they happen at the same time.

The Blue Man Group has performed across the country and the globe, beginning in New York City and moving on to Las Vegas, Chicago, London, Berlin, Tokyo, and many other cities. Their worldwide success can be attributed, in part, to the group's lack of vocal communication, allowing their shows to reach beyond boundaries of language and cultural differences.

The Blue Man Group has also had success with recorded music. Their debut album, AUDIO, was nominated for a Grammy Award. The Group has since released four more albums featuring Blue Man music. In addition to their solo music, the Blue Man Group has also collaborated with artists such as Dave Matthews, Tracey Bonham, and DJ Tiesto.

Blue Man Group