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Two-time Grammy award winning hip-hop group Arrested Development, true trailblazers in hip-hop.

Since 1991 they’ve championed fresh sounds, spreading unique hip-hop around the world.

As recipients of an NAACP image award (1993) they represent black culture with beats & pride.

They brought much needed attention to the plight of the homeless through their hit song “Mr. Wendal”, and celebrated cultural diversity in the dance smash, “People Everyday”.Chuck D (Public Enemy) was once quoted saying “Rap is CNN for Blacks”. Take Arrested Development and others out of the hip-hop equation and you are left with an imbalance in subject matter & flavor. The demeaning of women, glorifying gangster life and drug use become more of the norm. When asked recently about the state of hip-hop during the last 15 years, AD front man Speech, commented “there is little to no balance; the flood of rappers turned corporate moguls is a reflection of how the genre is losing it’s creative spirit, but we want to play our part in bringing a balance back! It’s time for more substance.”

Recently Arrested Development hit back with a brand new collection of songs from their CD entitled “STRONG”. Outstanding tracks such as “Greener“, & “Bloody” sends the message loud and clear that AD are still thirsty!

Arrested Development